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Again, I don't usually post up personal stuff on here, but this was pretty good, so I figured I'd share.

So last summer my boss put me in for an Achievement Medal. Okay, that's pretty cool. I know one of the things my service has been working on is improving the turnaround time on awards applications, but 7 months was a bit out of control.

Anyways, we have online personnel records, and over the past weekend, I logged on just to check something out. Lo and behold, I see an award posted -- I've gotten a Commendation Medal. My first reaction was, "Oh, okay, it got busted down from Achievement to Commendation." Then I did a double-take -- it got upgraded from Achievement to Commendation.

Sure enough, I looked on the paperwork -- my entire chain of command signed off on it as an Achievement Medal, but when it got to my agency's reviewing official (for some reason, a 4-star Admiral is our acting reviewing official), he signed off on it and upgraded it to a Commendation Medal. I'm still in a bit of a "WTF?!" mood, but I'm definitely not complaining!
Bah...apparently, the Admiral caught the error and it's going back in as an Achievement medal. :(

Oh well, you win some, you lose some.
Actually, I'm not complaining too much -- the Achievement medal looks better than the Commendation medal. ;)
Congo Rats LT... as for the personal information we dont need you to post it up we already know more than you think... muah ah ah ah ah!!!
Yes, yes (rubs hands together and smiles deviously) the penguins are masters of subterfuge... "Happy Feet" was nothing less than masterful disinformation... muah ah ah ah ah!