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redleg where are the cookies from this site stored on my computer? I don't think it is where my cookies are usually put because otherwise I could delete my cookies and then the site would ask if I wanted to store cookies on my computer again. that has yet to happen so I want to find the cookie so I can delete it and come back to the site so I can choose to accept cookies. The first time I came hear I didn't plan on staying so I told it not to accept cookies and I have yet to have it ask me that question again even though I've cleared the cache many times since. I want to be able to come to the site and be logged on instead of logging on every time.
Click on "Tools" on your browser window
Go to "Internet Options"
Click on the "Privacy" tab
Click on "Edit"
Type in or copy and paste "" into the open bar and click "Allow"

Et voila, y'all be done.