Construction of a Nuclear Weapon


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The construction of a plutonium explosive consisted of a artifical implosion to the core of the bomb's nucleus. To create a sustainable explosion one would corride the core into smaller particles of the consistity of plutonium.
Sulferic acid and Lead produce the flow of electron in a fast tarversal velocity that produces electrical power in the form of a battery.

Hydro-chloridic acid and magnesium produces exses amount of double hydrogen bonds that bond to free flowing oxygen to create a liquid solution called water. The Cl bonds to the magnesium producing magnesium chrolide as the
hydrogen dissipatates into the air.

Hydrogen has the lowest mass causeing the gravitional attraction to the earth's core to be less that than chrolide. The chrolide seperates to the bottom as the hydrogen floats to the top.
When you combine chrolide with gasoline or methane it produces a unstable compound that ignites from a spark of electricity or combusts from interacting with a flame.

Fluoride is used as a flame retardant in fire extingushers as halon compounds are made of nitrated dry ice combined with fluoride.

There is a thermodynamic heat transfer to compounds that are highly conductable. Super conductor are consisted of conductable metals with nitration. Liqud nitrogen combine with silver mixed with double hydrogen bonds
produce ammonium silver nitrate. The conductive matrial of silver combined with a aminde creates a increasing amount of thermodynamic heat transfer from a lesser conductive property.

The ionization of a compounds is the reshaping of the atomic core of a molecular compound that electrons are energized and seperate from the atomic nuclei and transfer to a more positive attraction of a higher atomic mass.
Aluminium nitrate is less conductive of thermodynamic heat transfer than silver itself. The destablization of the Al creates enough electron flow to silver to distablize the core nuclei.

When the core nuclei destablizes it emmits radition in the form of light. The sound of a combound seperating itself producing alpha particles and gamma radition releases energy produces a loud sound.
When enough electrons travel in a direct path with in a conductor the heat is increase and amount of radition is emmiting proforming illumination.

Boron has the capibility to produce helium and lithium alpha particles producing enoungh energy to sastain a projection of a aircraft and can be used as rocket fuel this can occur by projecting a proton or a nuetron into the core
of the nuclei. When lithium is produces gamma radition is emmited. Helium has the capibility to produce levitation and is highyl combustable, yet with in a turbine it can be contained with titanium lead steel.

The steps to fully produce a nuclear explosion of a plutonium core is to corride in sulferic acid spraying at the core than the core is layered with a magnesium alloy interacting with HCl.
The mechnism of the structure of the contruction of the device is formulated in the form of a shprical rotating amatur producing a electromagnetic current.

The speed of a rotating magnetic compound travels in a form of insanity amplfies the magentic field. Magnetic fields push electrons in a conductive compound in motion producing a electrical current.
Enough of electron flow with in a conductive property can sustain amounts of thermodynamic heat transfer emmiting radition to the point the the conductive core detereates and electrons are release unto the next surround compound.

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You want to explode than implode compress than explode again breaking the shell. Radioactive material consisted of a electron field emmiting radtion as is interacting with a sort of atmoshpic eviroment similar to how Mg+HCl
produces H2.

So first is sulferic acid combined with lead to produce a small amount of electron flow to the conductive propery such as silver and aluminium. Than you want to spray NH3 than MgHCl. Passing electron to a isotropic compound
will cause a destabilization of the plutonium core causing it to emit more radition. Pass methane combined with boron in a titanium lead steel bath mixed with sulferic acid.

Spray hydroflouric acid into bath with liquid nitrogen to amplify the conductability of the conductive compounds. The HF2 + N2 interacting with methane with extingush the flame that is produce by the combustion of AlN4H10
interacting with lead sulferic battery. The electromagnetic compound of a steel consistancy interacting with sulferic lead battery produces a electromagnetic field that can push out more electrons or compress a isotropic compound.

Nickle Magnesium and HCl release Hydrogen atoms exaverating the core. The construction of a Hydrogen bomb destablizes the plutonium. The release of massive amounts of Hydrogen compress produces liqud hydrogen which is the most
powerful acid with a pH level of 12. Oxygen is absorbed with a ferromagnetic turbine from the tip of the rocket pressing the gases compound into the spherical shell. Oxygen is one of the most combustable compounds on the perodic

After a pressure gauge fills to 120 ppm the Oxygen starts to bound with the exses compounds with in the shperical shell produceing a easily combustable material in full circumfrence of the constructed device.
MgHCl + O4 = MgClO2 + (-OH)2
N2 + O4 = (NO2)2

Oxygen interacting with steel produce a redox causing deteration of the metalic core transfering alpha partical into the containment of the structure amplfies the thermodynamic heat transfer which causes a more of a impact
of a combustion.

FeO9 = (Fe(III)O3)3

Once the amount of electron flow reaches the destabilization of smaller molecular compounds it would cause a chain reaction of combustion that would be significant enough to crack open a ionized isotropic compound such as
plutonium. When the mass is seperated at a emense amount the magnetic attraction of the isotope compound sends out gamma radition as a bridge to fuse together but in the sense of muscle memory the shape stay seperated yet the
seperation inturn causes the whole compound to break amplfies the amount of gamma radition. Gamma radition is known to be a dense electromagnetic wave of energy meaning it is dense of gathered electron flow emiting emense light.
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Or you could just trade some tasty, hard to get snacks with Fat Boy, he'd probably give one up. Maybe 10 boxes of chocolates, some Ben and Jerrys and some nice cognac and throw in a couple hookers.:-D

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