Considering going for Guard/Reserves


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Hey guys! Found this forum while searching for advice on the option of joining a reserves. I think I have it boiled down to AFR, ANG and Navy Reserves but I have some obstacles to overcome.

If it helps any, I am 30 years with a four year degree.

So for a little background on me. Two years ago I was working as a correctional officer when my prison announced it was going to be shut down. As I looked at my options, I began considering active duty in the Navy. No wife, no kids, a desire to join and not much else really barring me from joining, I enlisted in the Navy and was sent to Basic. At basic, I didn't make it and was given Early Sep. All in all, I lacked focus and discipline at the time and didn't adjust both mentally and physically as I should have been more prepared. The fault was my own and I have regretted it ever since. I didn't regret joining at all. The path I ended up on got me to where I am now.

Today, I have a job with the Department of Justice. Meaning I have a career in a field I don't plan to leave. It has everything I need and want in a career. A pension, health benefits, and a pretty good salary to boot. If I was told this was going to be the only thing I do for work for the next two decades, I'd be content with that.

Not only do I have my career locked down, I also met my best friend and we'll be married in the near future. She's a Doctor of PT so with our dual income, we should be alright, financially speaking.

Lately I have been thinking about what else I can do. I'm confident in what I have now, but lately, that feeling of wanting to go back and try again has got me looking all over different websites and forums doing research while I consider all the options. I have talked to the lady and says she thinks it would be good for me and that she is very open to the idea of me looking at a reservist role. I'm 30 years old right now, and if I did wanna go, I would look at enlisting around this time in 2020 or early 2021. I have a desire to serve but looking back at the process and how things played out, I think I will be a little more selective. For example, my MOS/Rate is going to be very specific. I know what I want and really have no desire to work in any other job in the military. (I'd be willing to wait for it, if need be)

Over the next year, I have made plans to get myself in sharper health. Workout more and get myself more prepared if I decide to pull the trigger and go for it. I would want to look at the long term. Since I am going to be working for 20 years anyways, why not try for 20 in the Guard/Reserves? The benefits would be pretty fantastic from what I understand and it would be something that would keep my skills sharp for what I want to do after my working-career is done.

Those are the positives. The "negatives", if you will, are pretty much the same as anyone else's are. I'm nervous about joining. If you have the important things in your life covered, would you be willing to add something this big to it? We have plans to start a family, buy a house, and keep living the good life. I'm naturally a little hesitant but at the same time...I just wanna freaking send it. Give myself another shot. If to, anything, prove to myself I can accomplish this. I'm not a huge softy by any means, I just was not expecting the wake up call I got the first time around.

A friend of mine (Navy Vet) told me not to do it. "You've already accomplished what 99% don't. There's no shame in not making the cut. You've tried more than most already." It seems like sound advice. I just feel like I am missing a little more purpose in my life.

Boot camp really kicked me in the ass and got me to see what my flaws and faults are. It shook me and made me realize I had a tad more growing up yet to do. A couple years have gone by since then and I feel like I am in much better a place mentally and just, in general, a better place to accomplish this type of goal.

What are some your thoughts? Are my eyes just bigger than my stomach or do you think that it sometimes takes a big loss to get my ass in gear for another round?

By all means, let me get some of that good advice I have seen on so many other posts!