Company Motivational Mottos


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Our Company dosen't have a motivational "chant" or "motto" we're Echo company. If anyone has any suggestions they would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!!
Here is one that mine used.
Commander-Are you motivated!?
Flight- Motivated, motivated motivated Sir/Maam!
Commander- Are you dedicated!?
Flight- Dedicated, dedicated, dedicated Sir/Maam!
Commander- Are you firrrreedd Up!?
Flight- Fired up, fired up, fired up Sir/Maam!
Commander- Motivational Check!
Flight- Hooah, or whatever your branch uses.
And repeat the motivational check 3 times.
During the Vietnam War the US Marines set up their base with their motivational unit sign reading something like "US Marines: Second to None." Down the road a little, the Royal Australian Regiment were camped. Their sign read: "RAR Royal Australian Infantry: 'NONE!'". LOL ;-)