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I have a real problem that I need to get off my chest.

I cannot stand people that come on this site, saying "I want to see combat" "I'm going to be a special forces hero" stuff like that.

The whole purpose of being in the military is to be a deterent to the enemy so that you do not have to fight, and fighting is the last resort.

But these kids who have not seen combat(which I have) and have not been shot at(which I have) have no clue what they are talking about.

I was in Afghanistan for 3 weeks, and I never yeah never want to go back into combat for the rest of my natural life, and pray my kids will never have to go into war.

So people, please think before you post about war/combat. And take the advice of those who have been there. It isn't pretty, and should not be something to "look forward" to.
I couldn't agree more with you..

"War is delightful to those who have had no experience of it. "
- Desiderius Erasmus

"It is well that war is so terrible, else we should grow too fond of it."
- General Robert E. Lee

And one final one from Eisenhower that says a lot about this subject:

"I hate war as only a soldier who has lived it can, only as one who has seen its brutality, its futility, its stupidity."
-General Dwight D. Eisenhower

If the only reason you are going to join the military is to "see action/combat" I would suggest that you do some serious research and rethinking first..
Most elite units in the world (Ranger/Airborne/SFs etc.) are very good at sorting out "Rambo wannabees" so you wont get far with an attitude like that anyway.

My suggestion is that you stop beliving that all you see on TV/Movies is the real thing, it ain't...
Wanting to join the military to "see some action" isn't necessarily a bad thing, as long as it isn't the only reason you want to join.
Talk to people who has been in combat, and you would probably get a whole different view on the subject.

I can also recomend that you read this one:
It gives you a good reality check.

Feel free to ask all kinds of questions, we have members with all kinds of experience here, but please do some thinking about why you want to ask the question before you post it here.
Hm what I find interesting is that the recruiting campaigns for the services sometimes emphasise the action. This package I got from the Navy (I'm 14, 13 at the time lol) had a sheet of magnets with such thing printed on them like "Action/Adventure is more than a section at the video store".

The Army released a computer game which of course features action and combat like any other game.

Just something to think about.
As I said, joining the military to get some more action in your life doesn't have to be a bad thing, as long as it isn't the only reason why you want to join..
I think you'll soon enough get a surprise if it is.
I've had a lot of fun in my time in the Army, but it's far from fun all the time..

And the "action" we are talking about in the above posts is "combat action", not the everyday training "action".

The military comercials has also been discussed here before:
Another thing is..

People do not realize the psychological effect that being shot at or shooting at someone has on their mind.

I mean you see it in the video games and it is nothing. But in real life you body and brain does not want to act upon the situation.

I mean for weeks and weeks after I got back, I though to myself "did I hit anyone" "I hope I did" then 2 hours later "I hope I didn't". It effects you, but as long as the cause is just. It serves a purpose.

You just do not want to seek action/combat/war for no apparent reason, they must be a clarity to what you are doing.

But remember this, you are a solider, you job is to kill people. Simple As that, if you cannot bear that fact in mind, do not, repeat do not join the military.
Wow that was awesome. I want to be a Marine to be a Marine. However I would like to really feel that I served my country by fighting for it. America is something I really believe in. Everything that it stands for (not necessarily what the president is for, Americans to often hate america just becuase of politicians. They have to understand that it means more. It does to me so come hell or high water America is me and I will fight.
I joined the military to give back to the land i love so dearly, i do not want to go into combat but i will to uphold what is good and right, to say you want to go into combat is a lie, a few of my buddies in the unit talk about how lucky we'd be to get into a big historical battle, and i tell them we're lucky we havent even been shot at yet. i was in bosnia and was lucky never to be fired upon, and i never had to fire my weapon, i saw people with aks and the thought occured to me that i could die here. its really hard to sleep overseas because you never know what will happen. thanks for letting me share this.
you are sooo right those people that says have watched Rambo or black hawk down tooo much times.
I mean you see it in the video games and it is nothing. But in real life you body and brain does not want to act upon the situation.

Yes...i havent been shot at but the onetime i thought i am going to have to use my weapon, my knees shook for like 2 hours...i was still capable of doing it...but it was a scarry thing...
sherman105 said:
I mean you see it in the video games and it is nothing. But in real life you body and brain does not want to act upon the situation.

Yes...i havent been shot at but the onetime i thought i am going to have to use my weapon, my knees shook for like 2 hours...i was still capable of doing it...but it was a scarry thing...

yeah you must master the fear, thats why al SF are good
I'm sick of other men dying for my freedom. I don't want to get shot at, or do any shooting... i just want to defend people like the two potheads next to me in this class. even they deserve freedom too. I will do what my country asks of me, even if it will get me killed. I would give my life almost instantly to save freedom or the life of almost anyone, espcially the ones who have taken it upon themselves to defend this freedom also.
Let me shed some light on this subject. from some one who has been there done that

When your arse is puckered up tight enough you couldnt drive a pin in it with a jack hammer,and your heart is racin at 200 bpm and your as scaired as you have ever been in your life..when you hear the words "GAS GAS GAS"
and your fightin to get thru a hatch wearin a cvc,flack jacket,lbe webbing,carring a m16 and a m25 tankers mask and tryin to hold your breath and mask up and close the hatch while arty is droppin who knows what 200 meters infront of you .....that my friends is scaired...shitless..

And for those of you who have never seen the end result of a 120 mm sabot round shot at a tank ... let me give a quick mental image.. charred bodys hanging out of a hatch or laying on the ground around whats left of a tank.

Or for those who wonder if they have the courage to pull a trigger.. you will and you will hit your target when the target is shooting back at you. when your supposto be in a secure area...NOT!!!! there will always be a die hard who wants to become a "hero" well 3 of them heros tried to ambush my 88 and crew..i sent them all to meet the maker with a one way ticket from "ma duce" and even after 11 years i still have the sights and sounds of battle pop into my it just happend.

So for all those who "want to be in combat" i feel sorry for you ..i just hope you will never see it..

Post tramatic is not just some made up words fellas, it is a real and very hard thing. Some people never quite get back from combat and never feel safe. These are some of the things that can happen to you after combat. Not even talkin about the actual bein in combat, this is after, days , months, even years down the line. These memories are not things like "remember that time you got me in the leg at that paint ball tourney", these are memories that will have you paralyzed. Still to this day I will never wake my uncle up from a nap because you never know if he is gonna get up fine or grab you by the throat and throw you across the room, he retired 8 years ago.
i am planing on joining the marines and like somone else said on here,im tierd of pther people going of and fighting for my freedom.i should do the same. i have been given so much by this country and i think that it is time for me to do somthing to reepay it. but i am not going to go in looking for combat. their is nothing glorious about war.
I admit i have these feelings sometimes,. My family has been serving for the military for many years so i think sometimes i even fool myself into thinking i was born to join up and do it. Im 21 years old and pondering at least 2 hours a day of joining the Rangers mainly to keep up with my family tradition [noone in my family knows how long we have been serving but i have 3 folded up flags in my house and my mother and father are still alive] I want to grow up and have money im stuck between going to purdue for engineering or the rangers. I think "hell yea give me an m16 and lets see what i can do" but i also know as soon as i hit the battlefield everything would change. Im stuck in a hardspot :/

I'm the last person here who can talk about the combat,but as i heard it swiftly changes on the battlefield