coing down from warm old alaska, he he he


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hallo all, the name is Seth, everyone calls me Wes *don't ask, long long story* and i was interested in this site cuase i wanted to go military, my whole family except for two people that i know of where military, and i figured, go do something you like, well, they don't exactly have "go drive tanks" as a civillian profession, so i'll join the military, have some fun with the tanks, then stay in, maybe find more out about som of my ancestors * i don't know what else to call them* , i am in CHS's Army JROTC Program, i am 16, i am a junior i should be a Cadet/StaffSergeant * i use cadet cuase it means i am not actual military, yet, so i will pay my respect to those i wish to be like, they migth respect me back* and if all goes well i should be a platoon sergeant * C/SSGT* and teach some youngin's, now i know why the 1st Sergeants in the real army have troubles, if i have it bad with about 12 people, they have it worse with about 50 people
Welcome to the forum, Seth, and good luck with your future military career. 19K hey hey hey. :lol:

If you're interested in a pretty exciting (to me at least) part of the Armor branch, check out the 19D MOS.
coooooool i never met anyone from AK-
Welcome to the forum Seth, I wish I was there now instead than under this burning sun :shock:
oh no you don't. i can garuntee you that it is just as warm up here as down there, especially right now in the middle of a blazing hot summer, we are getting 80 degreess in the shade, we ussually get 60 degrees in the sun, on a sunny day
naw, we are getting a warm summer streak, just about everywhere up here but the north slope gets a snow and frigid temperature free summer, only now it's cookin' us alive, i was complaining about how warm it was sitting here at my PC playing a video game after work, basicly doing nothing and i was sweating bullets from clickin' a mouse, so alaska isn't always the cold zone people think it is, some places even get 6 months of day and 6 months of night, but i live south central more or less, as close as it gets to the south in alaska .....
Wow, totally new stuff for me. Never heard. So is living upthere cool ? Would you like to move ?
Is AK a liberal or rather conservative State?
i like it up here, i love this state, and we are probably the most republican state around, everyone owns a gun, most peopel use them, but naw, i've moved enough for now, i can wait till i am in a tin monster chewing infantry and shooting tanks, but yeah, it's cool , i have my own lil foxhole in the front lawn * it's in an area my parents were cool about* and we have pretty fun stuff, aside from school and JROTC i go paintballing alot, much to my friends dismay
Come down to sunny South California during the summer. 90+ in the shade. Of course, if it drops down below 60 we're cold :)

Welcome to the forum.
60 ??coold, man up here 60 degrees is t-shirt and shorts weather, coarse i am the oddball and always wear long pants, but the 90 degrees ain't so bad, i lived in suadi arabia fer 9 months when i was about five * the year was 1993/94 so no i was not involved or around desert storm* and they had people frying eggs on car hoods and a few tank turrets that were "official police " something or another, any excuse to get in a tank and go cruising, i'd be the same way :lol: ;)