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okay all you mil-gamers, prepare for a new wave of insanity.
thats right, the close combat franchise has been revived. the good lads and ladies at atomic have decided to bless us with not one but two new games!!!
thats right, two!! sit down, this is exciting stuff!!! :D
the first game, close combat: first to fight, is a FPS which is less centralised on the shooting and more emphasis is placed on leading your team. you control a marine fireteam which consists of you (squad leader) and machine gunner, an assistan gunner and a grenadier. you team mates have been programmed so they are incredibly smart and will follow the RTFA (ready-team-fire-assist) method of action. it is going to be a doozie of a game, the graphics look clear and crisp, the AI is meant to be immpecable and oh, did i mention it has CO-op MP!!!!! YAY!!!!!!
it is due out sometime in january, although it is strongly hinted that it will be out on the 16th

the second offering, Close Combat: Red Pheonix, is a return to the CC franchises roots. thats right, traditionalists, breah a sigh of relief, its a RTS in the same mould that made CC famous. while there are no screenshots, or details, the forums have been busy and something that should be noted is that the devlopers are actually listening to what the members say and are taking it into account when creating the game, kudos to them!!! it is expected and understood that this game will not be started on until CC:FtF is released. for those of you who subscribe to the "leatherneck" magazine, you would have recieved your copy of close combat: marine in recent months. the highlight of CC:M is that it FINALLY brings MP to close combat. we have been told that this will continue into CC:RP, so get ready for some very intense fighting!!!

Official First to Fight website
CC Forum (RP, FtF and everything close combat!!
A friend of mine is pretty active in the Close Combat community and makes maps for mods. He betatested the previous CC-game and Atomic Games asked him to betatest this game also but unfortunately he didn't have the time. OTHO his friends at the mod-community said to him that the game pretty much rocks. :)
okay, we move closer to the release date and im getting pretty excited (jsut as well im sitting down lol or id be running round like a maniac!!!)

to download all the screenshots and videos that have been released for CC:FtF go here:

for deails on the MP go here:

taken from gamershell:
The game is scheduled for early 2005
Close Combat: First to Fight, the team-based FPS developed by Destineer and Atomic Games, will feature a co-op mode allowing you to play the entire single player campaign via online and LAN on PC, and via split screen or Xbox Live on Xbox, Global Star Software announced. The game will also offer a team deathmatch mode for up to eight players (2 on 2, or 4 on 4) named Fire Team Arena, where you can use specific weapon assignments, or choose to force random weapons on everyone. For details, press 'read more' and check out these new screenshots (PC and Xbox versions) and these two movies. Close Combat: First to Fight will be published by Global Star Software for Xbox and by Destineer for PC.
Finally the thread I've been waiting for!!

Really realistic game, probably even more so than Americas Army.

I just hope that the graphics and intensity of the game work well on my computer even on high settings.

Does anyone know the system requirements or what it runs best on. Also, is there a damn final release date. Its always been changing.
Loved CC 1,2,3 and still play Bridge too Far at least once a year. But I'm waiting for the reveiws before I buy any of these, got burned pretty bad in this horrid 3D CC-spinoff game released last year or the year before. By the time you got the camera in the right position to see your squad that was under attack they had already been whiped out :cen:
you talking about road to bahgdad?? on the CC forums they dont seem to like it very much, aparently it was basically just one of the other CC games with a different interface and different graphics, it was bought out to capitalise of the popularity of the war.....

eagle, have u decided what you are going to call you clan yet?vote one "The Screaming Eagles -=tS3=- :p