Civil war reenactor


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Any one in here a civil war reenactor. do you have any tips to be more authentic? does any one like to read about the civil war. its somthing fascinating about our american heritage. But if any one here reenacts any war and would like to share some tips good ahead and tell me it would be greatly appreciated.
All my friends in GATE and i r doing a simulation on the Civil War in History and Language Arts. Im a Southerner we dont know our roles yet. But it sounds fun.
Well rite now we are doin the John Brown trial before the Civil War actually begins. On Tuesday we'll have our roles. So ill give u a holler then.
Can u guys, please, give me any sources for information on the Confederate States? We are going to start the real work soon.
basically everything from songs to uniforms to battles. im gonna be marching, drilling, singing and playing war games. So ANYTHING would be helpful.
I need MAJOR HELP! i cant find any info on the CSA's official seal! Could someone please give me a link? It be much appreciated. Thanx