Civil Guard High Speed Chase!!!


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I just came of a shieft in the civil guard.The shieft was from 2130 to around 0215.We put all our gear in the Civil Guard post and head down to put the volanteers(me and another guy) at home....The driver was the Police officer inchurge of the Zichron Civili Guard. Infront of us was a 4by4 vhiecle driven by a ditective. We were driving down the street towards my house when the ditective stops his car and gets out.At the same time two young criminals that were trying to steal a car see him running, drop everything and get in their car, speeding of over a side walk and down the inclined street. We go after them doing about 55mph, they speed away at about 70mph...One of their wheel caps flyes off. They are going into this round about(square), but the road is wet so they go right into this round about,that has a couple of huge rocks as decoration...Their car hits the edge of the round about, goes airborn and hits a rock.....Big rock, like 6 feet over 4 feet....Our officer stops the car screeching...They ditch their screwd up car and run for it, our officer leaps out, runs after them(they had like a 80ft lead) and a minute later he and the ditective(who joined the chase) come out with a wiggling very displeased criminal! The car is sitting on a rock, windshield whipers still squiking....We find the other guys name by checking ownership on the car...Those two will be off the street for a while!!!

Mostly the police officer....but i helped calm the locals down....if it would come to a long presute id help, but it took like a minut to get him...
GuyontheRight, i used to live in clemson, how are the tigers doing this season(probably bad...)
Actually there doing well. The ACC is largly concidered the best basketball confrence in America, and their hanging tight near the bottom with Maryland (My Team) and Florida State. They still have a winning record and a decent shot at an NCAA tournament bid.