Chinese smart bombs?


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China has been showing (at trade shows) a family of smart bombs. They look similar to the U.S. two decade old JDAM series. The Chinese smart bombs appear to be available for half ton bombs (the FT-1), and one version of the guidance kit has small wings, that enables the bomb to glide 15-20 kilometers to its target. There is a quarter ton bomb (FT-3) in development. These bombs apparently can be fitted with several types of satellite guidance (GPS, Russian GLONASS or the local Chinese system, in addition to the less accurate non-satellite inertial guidance system that JDAM also uses as a backup.) GPS guided bombs are not high tech anymore, although laser guided bombs are a little more tricky to design.

Added reach

This gives China an added punch and reach with their AF assets. China's J-8 II's, and homemade J-11B Flankers could be turned into strikers if need be to join their JH-7A fleet.

Good find Lunatik
Definitely. China is and will always be a "concern" for the foreseeable future - for a number of very valid reasons. That's a very nice red dressing on that half-ton bomb. :smil: