Chinese proverbs


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"I've heard that he who strikes first can defeat the enemy. He who strikes last will be beaten."
-Rebel general Xiang Liang, Qin Dynasty

"It is better to be broken jade than a rude, whole clay pot."
(Death before dishonor)
-Yuan Jinghao, Zhou Dynasty

Another proverb (regarding weaknessess):

"Shrimp may attack dragons in shallow water."
-Traditional Chinese proverb

"A real man dies on a battlefield, and his body is wrapped in horsehide. Who wants to die in bed, surrounded by his wife and children?"
-General Ma Yuan, Eastern Han Dynasty

"Heroes are made by the times."
-Traditional Chinese proverb

"True gold does not fear the test of fire."
-Traditional Chinese proverb

"If anyone wants courage, come here and buy some! I still have so much courage left over, I can sell the surplus on!"
-Gao Gu, Spring and Autumn Period