Chat anyone?


The fire is everything
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I have found a couple of simple chat scripts for phpBB forums, and I wonder if I should install a chat here or not??

It will be easier to use the chat, than to use the Private Message if we are several visitors online..
It will only be available to registered users, and you willl use your own nickname.

What do you think, shall I install a chat here or not?
SilverPhoenix said:
Dude, yeah I wan't a chat!!!!

And chat you shall get.. :D

Check out the online status at the bottom of the index page..
Let me into the chat!!!! :cry: :cry: :cry:

You guys are just sexual harrassing me..


Don't be like that.. :?

Just let me in! It isn't just a boys chat!! :x


the only problem i had was lagging, but hey, its probably my computer :-D no sexual harrassment lol... don't make me go alll ... ummmm... i dunno on you... crazy? umm, i don't know the word i want!