Charlie Hebdo to be honored in New York under increased security

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By Ellen Wulfhorst NEW YORK (Reuters) - The French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo, targeted in a deadly attack earlier this year by Islamist gunmen, will be honored on Tuesday at a New York gala under heavy security, organizers said. The award from the PEN American Center comes two days after two gunmen opened fire at a Texas exhibit of caricatures of the Prophet Mohammad, depictions that Muslims consider offensive. Drawings of the founder of Islam were also at the heart of the January attack on Charlie Hebdo's Paris offices that killed 12 people. PEN's decision to give the Freedom of Expression Courage Award to Charlie Hebdo prompted six prominent writers to withdraw from the event and more than 100 others to write a letter of protest, said PEN, an organization advocating on behalf of writers persecuted because of their work.

Why is Charlie Hebodo being honored in NY or anywhere ? what is Honorable about Charlie Hebodo We're talking about a cartoon that's suppose to be a funny character that's not so funny .
Satire does not need to be funny anymore than poems need to rhyme.

I am somewhat torn on the case as on one hand free speech should allow that sort of cartoon but on the other hand going out of your way to anger 1/3 of the worlds population is irresponsible in the extreme.
I Think the Muslim Community has shown a lot of restrain with the Satire but there is a limit to everything that limit has been reached .