Changes on the forum..


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I know, There have been changes. And major ones in this Forum.

And I damn right love it. :D

It's looking good.

I have been away for a while.. Err.. :? Girls stuff. :twisted:

Anyways.. I am back.. Missed me? :)

I am ready for some nice conversations.. Even though I am a bad discusser..

But it's nice to learn and read this forum.

And you guys have alot of good opinions..

It can get a little boring discussing military and politics with Swedish people.

They are so.. Uhm.. Serious and can't discuss like a normal people.

And the thing is, that I aint wrong about that part.

Well anyways, I love the discussions, and to read them.

Even though I dont always reply.

It's nice to be back online. :wink:
Hi there GhostWolf, and welcome back..

Of course we have missed you! :wink:
The forum needs a little "feminine" touch.... 8)
Roger that, welcome back, I go on spells where I don't reply or anything for awhile too haha.
Yeah, Maybe it needs a feminine touch, But , Err, I aint that feminine.

Though, I can admit I have some traits left, and that I isn't that damaged from my friends wich is only boys. :?

But guys are the only ones who can discuss, women can't discuss.

And that is written in sience and common knowledge..

There isn't a better thing to have a boys night, and get invited as the only girl to drink, play poker and discuss women and cars. :twisted: