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yeah i'm gonna be alright i think, i'm gonna start spending more time with my aunt and stuff.. she was so used to goin everywhere and everything, cause he was inthe house of representatives... But yeah, loved by everyone, i don't think he ever had an enemy..... Its weird... i was at his house about an hour ago and there were people everywhere and i would look up and think i saw him or hear his voice.l.. it was so weird.... its gonna be like that 2morrow too, but i'll get through it

thanks 4 caring
silent driller said:
Hey Crazy. You in CAP or JROTC?

CIVIL AIR PATROL all the way hun! lol. No, I'm tryin to become more positive about CAP considering I'm the cadet commander and such. OH jeez, horrible storm coming, pretty dark outside, gotta lotta posting to do b4 i shut this baby down. ciao!
I have an odd staff position. We have a c/ commander, flight commander, flight sergeant and element leaders. I ahve already held flight commander and I have too much rank to just rejoin the flight. So I am the Inspector General/ MCJROTC liason! What Wing are you in? VA for me. :firedevi:

Yeah one of our Flight Commanders said a cadet got cussed out by a Marine cause he mouthed off to him. If it gets to be above 90 they make you wear PT clothes with boots (the Marine have fun with that), Also when they lead PT if someone stopped they made them do more. Im gonna love it their if all that is true.