Canadian Forces' JTF-2 Trivia


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These are a few questions on Canada's super-secret special forces, Joint Task Force 2. Each question right is worth 2 milbucks. (Sorry, I'm kind of poor right now) Here it goes:

1) What is the name of the training facility for JTF-2?

2) What is the primary focus of JTF-2?

3) In 1992, The Canadian Forces took the role of Counter-Terrorism and JTF-2 was formed. Who was responsible for it prior to April 1992?

4) How man years must a person person can be in the Canadian Forces before he/she can apply for JTF-2?

5) What does the "Joint" mean in "Joint Task Force 2?

1) Dwyer Hill Training Centre

2) counter-terrorism

3) RCMP - Royal Canadian Mounted Police - counter terrorism unit "SERT"
They also took over some duties of the Canadian Airborne regiment after their disbandment (but that has no bearing on the corresponding question, just thought I'd add it)

4) MOC qualified REG. Force member = 2 years
MOC qualified Reserve Force member = 3 years
(those are the most recent I heard anyways)

5) "Joint" can refer to the use of the Force's 3 Military Branches
Air Force, Navy, Army

There is also a story of a member of Government who went to the USA to watch an American "Joint Task Force 4" in action (I think it was a special police drug unit) - he liked the name so much that our special ops were given a similar name ... Joint Task Force 2 - in which case the "Joint" would have no specific meaning

so that'll be 10 milbucks ... lol
haha nice job. sorry i took so long. I've been at CFB Comox for six weeks doing glider pilot training.