Can I join again?


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A year ago I was discharged from the Marines with an Other than Honorable discharge. This was not for drug use, but because I got busted for underage drinking a few times and got in a fight once with another Lcpl. My CO tried to keep me, but my BC ordered I be discharged. I just want to know if there is any way to rejoin the Marines or am I stuck as a civilian now?
Talk to your recruiter, but If I recall correctly there are hurdles for you if you have an OTH discharge.

if you are given an Other Than Honorable discharge you are entitled to an administrative board hearing, but I think (but I am not sure) that theres a time limit on that.

If you can't do that, you could try to "upgrade" your discharge at a discharge review board. Theres a time limit of 15 years from the time of discharge for the DRB but you have to have pretty compelling evidence as to why your discharge was unfair.

Good luck.
Re: Challenging the discharge. If you know you were guilty of the offenses, and it sounds as if you admit that you were, that earned you the OTH discharge, do not bother. It will simply waste of time, and most likely hurt you more than help you.
I have to agree with Rndersafe. Also, since there seemed to be a pattern there, I dont think it would be possible. The Corps can be pretty flexible when it comes to drinkin but if it seems to be a problem they get pretty pissed. I am sure that The Corps will not let you back in even if you try to challenge the discharge.