Can anyone help me identify this forces badge


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Hello folks,

i am not in the forces, perhaps if we had stayed living in Scotland i would have done, but we moved to london and i ended up in computers. But my father served with the Argyll & Sutherland highlanders and all through my school years i was surrounded by military famalies and friends from UK forces.

I have lived near RAF Leuchars in scotland and can remember the NATO training sessions there and know exactly why the tomcat was called that! Also lived near the usa bases on Holy loch and what a great boost to the local community those guys were, shame they left really :(

As a result of the above i used to collect military badges etc but I have one badge that i just can't find anything out about, I have no idea of its age, its unit, not even its country.

I'm fairly positive in that its not a german/uk/french badge as its style and design make me think its American/Canadian in origin.
The badge is of brass/bronze material with an enamel front, has a white enamel border, blue enamel background depicting a black lion/tiger/panther on a red mountain. The rear has two small threaded pins and it attaches with two small screw in discs, my guess is it is fitted to some sort of metal helmet hence the metal work to hold it, as it would rip through a cloth cap?

I would appreciate any help on trying to source some info on this badge.