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If you guys have not gotten this game then I recommend it. I play it and it is AWESOME. Its WW2 based and you can play as the Americans, Germans, or British. Its squad based and is a great game. If youve played Medal of Honor its like that, but with better graphics.
I will have to agree with you on that. Call of Duty has a great single player side to it. The multi-play is not really like Medal of Honor though. You need to use more team work to survive longer in Call of Duty.
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I havent played call of duty, but I have heard awesome things about it. I own medal of honer, and that is a game that ROCKS!!!!! the graphics are incredible, and thegame play unerring :cheers: :2guns: :9mm: :m16shoot:
I have too agree with everyone who says that Call of Duty is a fantastic game. It is the BEST 1st person, WW2 game ever! I thnk that it blows Medal of Honnour out of the water, don't get me wrong, MOH is a great game...just not as good as COD.

I got COD on Good Friday, and in a week and 2 days, i had completed the whole game! (on all difficulties)!!! Vetran, i think is slightly too hard, due too the fact that you don't get any health packs throughout the game! Anyway,.....It's a bloody good game. The graphics, the empathy for the person you's a wonderful feeling and sense of achieviment that you just cannot get from anyother game..[/b]