I have:
"Let them hate, so long as they fear."
-Lucius Accius

That is the translation from Latin, I found it on a website, and put it in my book.
It might fit him better, but he didn't say it first, Lucius Accius lived from 170 BC - 86 BC and lived as a poet in Rome.

Caligula came into power at 25 in the year 37 CE, so it is clear who the quote should be attributed to.
Unless Accius never said it at all, did you consider that? I have nothing invested in this quote and really am ok with it either way, but for a claim like that I would think it necessary to have some proof to show that my source was wrong in the first place.
Anyway, what kind of person would be scared of a poet? :lol:
Works for me.
BUT - it does say it is "attributed" to Accius, so we need a stronger case for it if you want to take it to court.

:lol: Just being difficult here.
Just because he said it, doesn't mean he was talking about himself. It could be from a poem, it could be many things. He could have been talking about a different leader as well. 8)
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Anyway I was bored.