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one i learned from a friend
<he was suspended for calling it during pt>

C130 rollin down the strip (at this point everyone groans and thinks its another lame cadence)
Pilot F***ed up and the damn thing fliped (roar of laughter)

short but o so sweet
I got in a spot of trouble with the coach for this one I made up:

[insert principal's names] staring us in the fa-ace!
Thinks s/he runs the whole damn place!
Dumass fatass uglyass too,
All we can say is FU-U :D K YOU!!

If you knew what my principal looked like, you'd be howling with laughter.
The way I know this one from a friend is:

C-130 rollin down the strip
Front wheel popped and the plane dun flipped
Mission top secret destination unkown
Air Force Pilot awoled went home
t's one thirty now on the strip
Chairborne daddy gonna take a little trip
Stand up, lock up, shuffle to the door
The club for lunch and home by four
If there's something to decide
Close your door and try to hide
Every time you get a call
You're out playing racquetball
First revise the SOP
Make a change in policy
Ours is not to wonder why
It's written down in the LOI
God forbid we should go to war
All that paperwork would be a bore
Let me stay behind my desk
Anything is better than the leaning rest
Chairborne Ranger, that's what I am
One of a kind, I'm and AG man
Another version:

C130 running down the strip
(insert unit) gonna take a little trip
Mission top secret destination unknown
hit the beach then get our butts home.

The way "I" learned!

C-130 rollin down the strip,
Hit a rock and the damn thing flipped.
64 Rangers trapped in-side,
64 Rangers Kentucky Fried.

A U.H.60 Huv-rin overhead,
Air-Assault Soldier lookin down at the dead.
The moral of the story is all to clear
If you woulda gone Air Assault you'd still-a been here!

etc etc etc

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