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Rules and TERMS OF USE (TOU)

We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to change, modify or otherwise alter these rules, terms and conditions at any time. It's every members responsibility to read through this page everytime before posting or responding to any ads/threads/posts in here, but we will announce larger edits and additions in this thread.

By posting and responding to threads/ads in the For Sale, Buy and Trade forums you agree to follow these rules and TOU (as well as the other general Milforum rules) and agree to the disclaimer listed at the bottom:
  • 10 posts minimum: You need a total of at least 10 posts before being allowed to create or reply to threads in the buy/sell/trade forums.
  • Accepted ads: These forums are ment for items or services you own/operate yourself or are allowed to broker. Ads for commercial products or services not allowed! (read further down for more info)
  • One thread per forum per day: You're only allowed to post one new thread per day in each of the Buy/Sell/Trade forums
  • Only 2 active threads per forum: You're only allowed to have two active threads per forum at any given time
  • Write detailed titles: Post as detailed as possible titles that describes your buy/sell/trade threads content. ("Wow, look here" is not a very good title...)
  • Write detailed descriptions: Post detailed descriptions in your buy/sell/trade threads. Example: Include condition of the item(s), shipment restrictions, or anything else the buyer/seller/trader should know about it.
  • Fixed / Buy-It-Now (BIN) Prices: Fixed and BIN prices can not be raised after a new thread has been posted (only lowered). But you are allowed to fix price typos within 10 minutes after you've posted a new thread.
  • Make Offer: You are allowed to post threads without fixed/bin prices, but if you create a "make offer" thread then it's in most cases a good idea to add a price range.
  • Paypal or other fees: If you expect to get Paypal (or other) fees covered by the buyer then you must clearly specify this when you start a new thread. You're not allowed to add any "hidden" fees when finalizing a deal. (transfer fees etc.)
  • Forms and time of Payment: You must clearly specify how you want to be paid, or how you prefer to pay in your threads. (Paypal, Escrow, Check, Cash etc.) And please do also include when you want to get paid after completing a deal (ex. "payment expected withing 24 hours after agreement reached" etc.)
  • DO NOT post derogatory/negative remarks: You must never post derogatory/negative remarks in others buy/sell/trade threads. Only post if you have questions about the sale/thread, or if you're interested in selling/buying/hiring etc. Comments like "too pricey for me", "wish I had money" or similar are not accepted.
  • Lowball offers: Lowball offers, under the posters asking price, are not appropriate. The seller decides the price, so if it's too high for you then just ignore the thread. But if you believe that a price is far far "off target", or the thread is not serious, then please use the report post button and let the staff handle the thread (in their own desired way).
  • Brokering items etc.: You are allowed to broker items in the buy/sell/trade forums long as you clearly state that in the title and description. Be prepared to present (written) permission from the real owner if asked by the forum staff.
  • Affiliate advertising: You are not allowed to advertise for affiliate programs, or use affiliate/referal links in your threads. These forums are ment for stuff you own/operate yourself or are allowed to broker.
  • Not accepted ads: Ads that are not accepted includes, but are not limited to; Medication, adult items, live ammunition, gambling related etc. etc. etc. (Mostly the stuff that usually gets caught by your e-mail spam filter..). Or anything that violates the general forum rules
  • Shill bidding is not accepted! Shill bidding (artificially inflating the bids in your/your partner(s) sales threads) will lead to an immediate termination of your account.
  • Advertising for commercial sites/products is not allowed. Please ask the forum management if you're in doubt about a product/item/service or similar..
  • All restrictions must be clearly stated in the thread! Like age restrictions, state/country restrictions, shipping restrictions, if there's any (legal) paperwork etc. that have to be done etc.
  • Auctions: You're allowed to start auctions as long as they're in here only (no multi-forum auctions), but you'll have to post at least the following details; Starting price, Min. bid increments, duration of auction, if you have a reserve price (must be posted), BIN price (if you have one). If reserve is met or someone offers the BIN price then the auction can not be canceled by the seller!
  • Linking to external auctions: Links to external auctions like eBay are allowed, but please post the required information in here as well. Only links to established and well known external auction sites are allowed, links to auctions/threads etc. in other forums or similar are not accepted!
  • Bumping up own threads: You're not allowed to bump (post in own threads if there haven't been any replies) more then once every 24h. Max 2 bumps are allowed in any thread.
  • Contact information in threads/posts: You are not allowed to post any of your personal contact information (e-mail, AIM, IM etc.) in here. Only allowed way to contact buyer/seller/trader are through replying or Private Messages (PMs)
  • Use of Private Messages: The Buyer/Seller/Trader must specify if they don't want to be contacted over PMs. If not specified PM contact is regarded as ok. If specified all communication must be done in the thread.
  • Closing of threads: Threads that have been inactive for 5 days will be considered closed.
Government Property
  • Selling or trading government property (like uniforms or other military/government gear) that you're not authorized to sell are strictly forbidden and if discovered/reported will result in an immediate ban and the proper authorities may be contacted if possible.
Trader Rating:
  • Please leave a trader rating (both for buyer and seller or trader) after completing a deal.
    You can find this by clicking the number after "Trader:" in the members user info in the threads.
Mini "glossary"

  • WTB = Want to buy
    WTS = Want to sell
    WTT = Want to trade
    BIN = Buy it now (price)
    Ads = Advertisements (threads in this forum)
Just some friendly words of advice..
  • Be sure to do some research before buying/selling/Trading anything, both on the member (Trader rating, his/hers posts, how long has he/she been a member here etc.) and the product/service offered. You are in the end responsible yourself for the outcome of any deals made in here, and there are quite a few scammers out there.
  • If a deal seems to be too good to be true then it's a good chance that it's exactly that. If you see any sales threads that sounds "fishy" then please report it and let the forum staff handle it.
  • Credit cards and trusted transaction sites (Paypal, etc.) are always recommended to use for payment, but be sure to read their TOS before using them. And beware of fraudulent Escrow services!
    Never use wire transfer, unless it's a trusted buyer/seller, and never ever use direct banking transactions to pay for goods/services..
  • Use your common sense in all deals, both if you're the buyer or seller. Don't overprice your goods/services, but do some research on similar previous sales to find good fixed/BIN prices.
Scammers will be banned with immediate effect and all avaliable information (IP, e-mail etc.) will be handed over to the proper authorities and to the scammed member(s) if needed to conduct any investigations, to find the scammers real identity and/or to help recover stolen goods/money.

By using this free service in any way you agree that, it's staff or any or it's partners can in no way be held responsible, legally or in any other way, for the results of any deals made in here (unless they're involved themselves as buyer/seller/trader).
You accept that the forum owners and staff can not monitor all posts/threads created in here so each member is encouraged to report any thread/post/ad that you think may violate any of the above rules or the general forum rules.
You also accept that the owners and staff of International Military Forums reserve the right to remove, edit, move or close any thread, post and/or comment and ban, permanently or temporary, any member for any reason they see fit, without giving/publishing any reasons for it.
It is the personal responsibility of each member to follow the rules listed above, as well as the general forum rules, post as correct as possible information in the threads, and to do proper research before agreeing on anything!
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