Bush - Kerry contest

Ok, as we all know, this is turning out to be a pretty "all or nothing" type of a Presidential Campaign. As it looks now, John Kerry will be the Democratic Candidate.

What does everyone think? Bush or Kerry?

From a soldier's point of view, I will have to say President Bush. He has shown steadfast leadership, and when he took a gamble, it was in the best interests of the United States (see Iraq). He brought us through a recession, terrorist attacks, two wars, etc... It's safe to say that he has my vote.

Here's the thing that's really making me angry, though. John Kerry's political machine has made some pretty horrible mud slinging in reference to President Bush's Air National Guard Service in the Vietnam Era. I think this was uncalled for. I serve here in Baghdad with LOTS of National Guardsmen, Reservists, and Active Duty Soldiers.

Bullets don't discriminate. I was reading an article in Newsweek recently, and there is documentation of President (then LT.) Bush requesting to conduct air missions in Vietnam. His command turned him down, saying he had too few hours in the pilots seat, and the aircraft he was rated for was not being used in the theater. So any rhetoric about LT. Bush shirking his duty, in my opinion, serves to undermine the TRUTH.

I'll bet ol' Michael Moore conviniently forgot to mention that.
You are right and this whole thing makes furious with the Democratic Party :evil: . The Party Chairman, Terry McAuliffe, even had the audacity to make the comment that service in the National Guard is not really military service. Pretty good crack for someone who has NEVER served himself.

He also has the brass to prate about voter disenfranchisement on the Democratic Party's Official Website - this from the same bunch who tried to disenfranchise absentee military voters in Florida!

The key issue is not the character of either Bush's or Kerry's military service during the Viet Nam War, but what they did after in public life. I think the records of both men speaks volumes about both.
I wholeheartedly agree that military service shouldn't be an issue. I think it should be based on the public record. President Bush has done an excellent job, so far. Kerry, on the other hand, has missed HOW MANY votes so far?

While Pres. Bush has turned his back on his upper-crust new england heritage, Kerry wears it like a badge of honor. I don't want a slick Washington insider in the White House. I want a "Wyatt Earp" gunslinger in there that won't take S**t from anybody. We've had that for the last 3+ years, and I am looking forward to another term. During the Clinton Years, I was scared we'd been castrated. Thank God President Bush has proved otherwise.
Heaven help the military (and the nation) if Kerry is elected. With his example of "loyalty," or rather the lack of, to his duty and his country, what can we expect from him besides more buddy f***ing and, as master_gunner said, castration. Although on the up side I have a feeling we'll all be getting a lot more fruit salad for our chests if he starts handing out medals for the same things he was given his for. :lol:

I am proud of our President, I believe he has done an outstanding job under some of the most trying circumstances our leaders have ever faced.
I side with the Republican Party because of domestic and cultural issues. Bush is more likly to side against abortion, gay marrige, and for issues such as AIDS relife and faith besed initiatives. Kerry is a virtually a Kennedy, who are too political and lack morals of just good people.
Bush or Kerry?

Bush. Kerry does not have a platform. If he does, he forgot where he put it.

I don't support the Republicans nor the Demoracts .. I find it's bad for the country to get caught up in pandering to political parties, instead of watching each candidate with a fresh eye. Kerry does not pass inspection, Bush does.

I am quite annoyed with Bush and this Federal Marriage Amendment to the Constitution, and maybe in another time, that in itself would cause him to lose my support and vote. But as things are right now, at this moment .. I feel the POTUS must be supported to the bitter end. We are fighting for the cause of Western Civilization; and whatever we face in the brief paroxysms of reaction, the enemy is far worse indeed. Bush has shown to be the only person willing to stand up, and take action. We can't falter now, and return to sniveling and pandering to the UN while hiding under the Security Council's skirt tails. This war will make or break us, and we need someone that's shown the will and gusto to take it on.
I try not to side with a party. I think the conservatives can be just as off base sometimes than the liberals. I will be voting for Bush though because of his fierce stance on moral values. Kerry has no morals and I can't stand a president that won't put his foot down on the touchy issues. I have gripes with both candidates but much much less with Bush than Kerry.
Bush was the person we needed o lead this country through the terrorists attacks, and take on Al-qaida and Iraq.I do not want Kerry to be my boss, but I would be proud to serve under Bush.
Diplomat, agreed. I dislike how Kerry totally goes against his Catholic conviction to support institutions such as abortion. Being a Catholic myself I cant stand him.
Bush definetely, sadly i cant vote yet. Which is probably a good thing because i am 14, most of the other people in my school are pretty liberal. We should help the poor people. When i told one of them about my plan ( kind of a joke...kinda) to place Marines on the border with M60s that shoot some non lethal pellets or bbs or whatever. And if they see some coyote or whatever.. Illegal go Boom. Or knock out kinda, but they said i was "mean". Which i still dont know why they said that because its the practical thing to do. Maybe not that harsh but.... I think Bush. Im a Christian ( kinda ironic eh ) , and i like Bushes morals, but he made it easier for illegals now, why he do that? And i like that he WAS an alchoholic because he shows self-discipline and self-control. He doesnt out burst, hes nice, hes a Christian. He blasted that bastard Hussein out of Iraq and into custody. I like him, and i think that most of the people on these forums will too. Because usually Right wingers and soldiers tend to stick with the practical side and RIGHT side of things ha ha ha ha i made a pun. The RIght is Right! Ok ill stop but i think that NOONE should support someone who "spent" 4 months in Vietnam, and saved one person. Didnt the person he saved call him an *******? And he calls himself a hero and defender of his country. So he gets the medal for it and comes home and throws IT AWAY and protestes it. How HYPOCRITICAL!