British Military History Quiz

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Here's a nice quiz for you all to have a bash at. (No point for this or MilBucks, just a bit of fun)

1. Which war saw the most humiliating defeat of British forces and the most glorious of British victories in the space of 24 hours?

2. Which date is the bloodiest day in British military history?

3. Which British General never lost a Battle?

4. In which battle was the last Great Cavalry charge by British cavalry and what regiment?

5. What was the name of the soldier, his rank and his regiment who won the only Victoria Cross on D-Day?

6. What Battle did the Duke of Wellington call "My masterpiece"?

7. What was the name of the Captain of Victory at the Battle of Trafalgar?

8. What was the first significant Paratroop raid of the Second World War?

9. What was the first major battle of the Falklands War?

10. Which was the last war that British regiments carried their regimental colours into battle?