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Hello all, my name is Bob. I found this site by looking for that Patton quote about making the other poor dumb bastard die for his country.

I was in the Army for a period of about four and a half months. I was training to be a tanker, so I had the OSUT training which was 15 weeks, however, I started training in June of 2002, so since 9/11 had happened, there were a lot of new recruits. There were actually too many, another company was opened, and a group of about 30 of us still couldn't be fit in anywhere, so we spent the first six weeks in a holding company. We had moved downrange, and another 8 weeks into training, on a morning run (particularly foggy that day) the drill seargants decided to run everyone especially hard, to weed out the fakers and move them to their proper groups. Well, I had what I found out later was an asthma attack. I thought it was just allergies, but when I went to sick call, they did some tests, and said I had asthma.

I was given the choice between tuffing it, or leaving. I took the out. Now, before any of y'alls think less of me, I had a very good reason to take the out. I signed all my intent to enlist papers in July of 2001, and I wanted to be combat. I wanted to help protect the country that gave me so much. When 9/11 came, a lot of people thought I would drop it, but I wanted to go even more. Now, in September of 2002, we all knew that Iraq was soon to come. So I took the out, because I know that I would've been there sometime, and if I had an attack or anything, even a moment's distraction, I could get my buddies killed. I wasn't willing to take that risk. And now, it's worked out anyway,a s there aren't anywhere near enough civilians supporting our troops.

So, sorry for the lengthy post, but I think it's best to put that kind of stuff out in the open. I really appreciate what all of you in uniform do for us, whichever branch you may be.

And... that's my intro. If any of y'alls have any questions, feel free to ask.
Nero said:
Now, before any of y'alls think less of me, I had a very good reason to take the out.

I don't think that anyone here will think any less about you for this.
Thanks for sharing it with us.
Sand and dust is not a very good thing for asthma, so you probably did right when you choose not to go to Iraq..
But on the other hand, there are several other jobs (other than combat) you can do in the Army even if you have asthme, they may seem a bit "less glorious", but they are not less important.
I know several here in the Army who has asthma, and they have no problems at all doing their job (even in Inf/Cav/Art etc.), as long as they get the proper medication.

Enough said, Welcome to the forum! :D
Sorry to hear that :( I myself have asthma and really hope it doesn't interfere with my future goals such as joining the military. Hopefully it's sports asthma or something like that. I've heard that it can go away after time.
Welcome to the forum, Nero :D

On the side note, asthma may go away in a few years, if your body creates an immunity to it. I used to have asthma when i was younger, but now im in top fighting form. 8)
ItalianGuy4US said:
Hi welcome Nero ! Poughkeepsie (spld ?), Niagara, Albany and Rochester is all I know about upstate NY.

Heh, I live about half hour north of Albany. I dunno if any of you Navy people have ever heard of NPTU Ballston Spa, but my bro's an instructor there (that's why I lvie in New York, instead of Newport News.)