I just washed the cars, as the same time as I have deicded to quit smoking..

I will go for a jog soon and then I will have a go at the punching bag.. :D

I haven't had a single smoke today.. YAY me!

I gotta go into shape if I will join the military.. :)

So why not train a little? Besides, Training kills boredom and is a good thing from the body.

So try to take a jog.. Or do some job you have pushed forward because of other things. ;)
i know this is way off topic!!! I was talking about stuff people do when they are bored, and u, Bob, go and talk about UFC! I dont even know what UFC is.
Well wen my friend lived here we played the "Bored Game"...
What you wanna do?
I dont know.. What you want to do?
I dont know.. What you want to do?
........................................(you get the point..)
well wen we were done playing that game we ended up throwing stuff into his fan :lol: :lol: its fun.. throw like ping pong balls and they get launched...or tie a rubber bad ball on the fan..
What is life like in the military? I mean what do you get to do in your spare time. Like what is spare time after you get out of Basic? I'm just curious on what people do after basic and what army life is like after basic and what you think of it
The Army website has a whole section devoted to the leisure activities of the soldiers (at least according to the tv ads :lol: ), so you might want to check that out.