Bonds breaks Aaron's NL homer mark

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MILWAUKEE -- Into the stratosphere it rocketed, and into the baseball history books as well.
It wasn't the space shuttle, but Barry Bonds blasting his 734th career homer Saturday night against the Milwaukee Brewers at Miller Park, breaking Hank Aaron's all-time National League home run record.
Bonds' blow came off left-hander Chris Capuano in the third inning, upping the Giants slugger's homer count to 26 on the season and marking his ninth shot in his last 21 games. It was Bonds' first homer off Capuano.
The 42-year-old tied Aaron's mark Friday night here.
In his mind, though, surpassing the legendary Hall of Famer meant little on this night, with the Giants losing, 10-8, in the ninth inning and seeing their mark on this road trip fall to 1-7.
There would be quiet congratulations from teammates, but at this away park, there were no fireworks, no applause for the accomplishment.
"I don't really answer those kinds of questions anymore," he said when asked about his record blast. "It's a good accomplishment -- I just want to win. We got so close. It's not fun to talk right now; it's really not. I wish it was a better time."
If the Giants had won, would there have been a little celebrating?
"Exactly," he said. "But we're pushing right now. Everybody's out there working hard. It goes by W's and L's regardless of what you do out there. It's been a long road trip, just been long ... that's all."
His shot in the third inning sailed just over the right-center-field wall, and outfielders Brady Clark and Corey Hart tried in vain to catch it, with center fielder Clark leaping onto the fence.
Bonds also drove in Randy Winn with a single in the first inning and in two games has eight RBIs. The left fielder is now only 21 homers shy of catching Aaron's all-time mark of 755 homers.