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I was at an air show the other day, when I hear a C-130 taking off, I figure, "Wow, big deal... *yawn*"

A few seconds later I get an earload of rocket engines... ROCKETS... not jets...

I turn around just in time to see this:


So loud, I almost fell flat on my ass, but BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Correct term is "JATO" (Jet-Assisted TakeOff)...don't know why.
But it IS a fantastic sight when a Herc lights those off.
Blue Angels Rocks!!!!!

OOH beautiful for gracious plane for red rocket flames.... Blues Angles Blue Angles... :D (didn't feel like typing the whole thing out yet(also didn't remember how most of it went :cry: ))

heres some more

OOH beautiful for gracious plane
For red rocket flames
For blue and yellow coloring
Above the fruited plain!
Blue Angles Blue Angles
They jump towards us
And crown thy good with jump wings
From plane to shining ground!
( the rest would of been to hard)
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That would be Fat Albert, a friend of mine works on them..... DON'T LET THEM TALK YOU INTO RIDING ON THAT THING. . . nearly shat myself.
aw...its just a little C-130... :D

Some misnomers are in order here...when the US Army Air Force originally came with this idea in the late 30-early fortys, the term jet was used and not rocket, as jet aircraft were being developed at the time too. Of course, these strap on devices are rockets: They are a lot of thrust in a small package, and really allow the plane to get away quick. The term JATO passed over to the aircraft take off system over the years and was never properly changed. But the proper term can be RATO or JATO.

Now the link you are going to see is truly a Jet Asissted Take Off...a concept called Zero Length Launch. They put a super RATO on a jet aircraft, started the aircraft and then shot it straight into the air. This concept accually worked...scary, but it worked.
Scary was certainly the correct term to use for that one!!

I have seen that at an airshow they come to oregon all the time i will be seeing them aug 15th to the 17th.
(I was searching when I seen this so if its old, excuse me)

The CORRECT Term is JATO NOT RATO. Its JATO. Go look on the site. And I know cause I am probly the person that goes to airshows than anybody here. lol .

Yep, The JATO is a great thing to see. It will be discontinued after 2006 because a hurricane hit the place that made them :(

Boss: you're technically correct that they use rockets, but the Blue Angels do call it JATO for some reason.

Yo Robot: go back and correct the spelling, man -- it's ANGELS, not ANGLES.

Actually, what really impresses me about the Blues is the fact that they don't wear G-suits. So they're pulling 7.5+ G's in their F/A-18's sans assistance -- just pure leg and gut muscles. If you go here, there's video footage of a fighter pilot going for a ride in Blue Angel #7 and constantly blacking out. It's funny -- the Blues pilot keeps saying things like "Goodnight, sweetheart, goodnight..." and "I've got to get you an alarm clock back there!" (WARNING: some language not suitable for children under the age of 17. ;) )
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Little :eek:fftopic: but I went to an airshow a couple of weeks ago (Lydd,s.e. England) and saw a Herc (amazing plane) but no rockets,but the best thing(other than the B17),was this chinook. Ive seen these birds dozens of times but with this aussie pilot(anyone know who it was?). He really made it dance.You wouldnt believe such a big workhorse could do such things.Evel Keneivel would have been proud of this digger.
Sorry to go :eek:fftopic: but it sprung to mind on this thread and i couldnt find anywhere else to post about such flying.
Nice, but those take offs will be a limited site, I got word of the factory that makes the rockets is having problems, and it may be awhile before the Blues get more of em.

But do you like the blues? Do you have a favorite Demo team? I do!

The Russian Knights!


I am sure everyone has there favorites. But any way , the Rocket Take off of Fat Albert is the signature symbol of the Blue Angles, witch , dont get me wrong, are one of the very best demo teams in the world, if not the best!8)