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Okay, the Wal-mart topic has opened a new thought in my head. Why does it seem that some people are against big business? the big business community cant neccesarily be bad just because it has a monopoly. Take the teddy Roosevelt term for instance, he shot down many companies just because they were big, thats not a good thing because it slowed down technology to a certain extent as well as other things and such.
People hate big business cuase they have more money and power than the small buisness. Theres nothing wrong with large scale capitalism, it just means there's less money for the little guys.
The Only thing that makes then 'bad' is when they have so much power they can do anything they want and the Government fears them, for example a few months after 9/11 the Secutary of State Called the Wal-Mart Execs and asked what they thought about the economy.
Big Business, i.e., Wal-Mart promotes jobs within the city/community. Big Business, i.e., Corporate, TRW, IBM, etc., promotes positions usually with an educational background.