Best Golfer Ever lives in North Korea...


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...and it is:

Kim Jong Il, the North Korean Dicator!


In his first round of golf ever played he managed 11 (!) hole-in-ones, according to The Ministery of Information of his nation (,1518,634900,00.html)

According to other sources this happened in 1995 outside the Capital Pyongjang...

To truly valuate this extraordinary performance you have to know that the chances to score just two holes-in-one during an 18-holes golf round are 1:67.000.000...

Personally I suspect he had some help there, and that this enormous deed could only be completed with the help of his trusted caddy, Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf (aka Baghdad Bob) who had been on administrative way too long[SIZE=+1][FONT=Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]...



Does it count if the ball never actually touches the ground, but people carry the ball to the hole and drop it in? HEH.
Come to North Korea and we'll see how far your questions go!
We have two lovely American ladies here that can tell you the answer in fact!