Best Boots.


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My brother is serving overseas right now, and I am involved with the ANY SOLDIER program, but I plan to buy him and the soldier I am in reach with a pair of boots.

What pair would you say are the best?

I was thinking something along the lines of the Oakley Assault boot, but not sure. What do you suggest?

Also, the BLSS system - I was tempted to get that for my brother, but he says he'll have a MICH soon, so nevermind ... but is the BLSS equipped PASGT a better helmet?

Wellcos, not the contracted ones that you buy at military clothing sales, the nice urethane-injected soles, the best ones are the VCBs I think. They feel pretty much like sneakers when you run in them, just with a lot of ankle support.

Overall performance I think is great with these things, they even make them in the rough-out tan (desert) style for use with DCUs. If you like the weight and feel of jungle boots, they also make those, in green and black.

Hope this helps.
Get the oakey assault boots, its what Rangers are issued now. As far as helmets go if your brother get a MICH he will be one lucky SOB they are by far the best helmets out there today.
Be careful about sending someone commercial boots. Some units will go nuts on a soldier for wearing unauthorized or marginally-questionable boots. The type that are black, 10-inches tall, nylon, canvas and leather construction are the most common.

And for heaven's sake, don't send them if they're obviously commercial, i.e. colored logos on the sides, extremely cushioned construction, zippers, metal snaps. This kinda stuff would generally be frowned upon by a leader in a regular unit. What's accepted in a special operations community is not the norm, just because the Rangers or SF or SEALs wear them, doesn't mean that everyone else gets to.

Most places won't even allow Hi-Tec boots beacuse they don't meet regulations. Ask the guy you're sending them to, "Hey dude, will your unit let you wear these?"

If he's in the Air Force or a scout unit (or choose your own example), chances are the answer will be yes. Otherwise, you'd be spending money on boots the guy's not allowed to wear.
if they've got an nsn, then technically you are authorized to utilize whatever piece of equipment it is as long as it doesn't screw with your performance. but you'll always have those pogues at heart who will ***** and cry about it though. go with what you think you can.
I'm a big fan of Corcoran Jump boots, the Field model. Comfy, approved for uniformed wear, VERY waterdproof, and they last forever.
You can wear those if you wanna look like a REMF. Just get some jungle boots. Those are confortable AND practical.
You know, I have NEVER had a problem with my standard issue field boots (I even used them for firefighting these past two summers, even though they don't have Vibram soles and were supposed to be a melting hazard, I didn't run into any problems). Never had a blister (aside from at Ft. Knox, but that doesn't count, in that humidity the dang rocks get blisters), and they've held up great (I've had one pair for over two years now, and I use them pretty hard). Of course, I also have problems bringing myself to pay $150 for something that the Army is willing to give me for free :lol: .
Jaeger, no reason to call me a mother f@#$%r, just cause of the boots I like. I guess if I was a huah hardcore man of action like yourself, I would have just killed some rabbits with my teeth and wrapped them around my feet, but since I WAS a "REMF", I chose to wear boots that actually fit my oddly shaped feet. :roll:
Have any of you seen/worn/heard of Taipan boots? They're made by Highmark. Now just because they're not as available to those in the US doesn't mean they're not the best boots in the business....

I *STRONGLY* recommend you have a look.