Beretta 96, Need some assistance


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Howdy, I'm looking into buying a slightly used Beretta 96 INOX for $500 (although the seller told me he'd accept less if it came to it). I would like to get some user-end information on this pistol from any of you who have fired one before. I got all the technical data I need, but I would appreciate hearing about anything you may have run across while using this weapon. Thank you very much.

Some specific information about this pistol is that a new extractor was just installed and the firing pin may need replacement within the next couple years.
I have fired the 96 a couple of times, and fired the Model 92 lots, being that it's my primary duty weapon, the two are about the same as far as operation, just a little more recoil in the 96. The thing I like about the Beretta's is if you are going to have it in your home and have other people around it there are a couple of great safety features IE the decocking ambidextirous safety lever, the half **** feature, and the ability to move the magazine release for lefty's. $500 doesn't sound to bad does it come with any magazines. If so hopefully they are high capacity ones.

Well hope I helped
Thank you for the information. Sorry, I forgot about the extras, it comes with 4 magazines (10 rnds each), a tactical leg holster (for all the crazy tactical situations I run into, like when the Oregonians invaded), a shoulder holster, and a cleaning kit.

I've fired the 92 several times and like how it handles, but I don't really know a whole lot about the effects of long term usage or what the lifetimes of the different components are. I've heard some talk about the extractors needing frequent replacement, though.