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From Basic (2003) starring John Travolta and Samual L. Jackson

So pretty. So dead.
-Sgt Nathan West

As some of you may have heard, there is a hurricane warning tonight. Well, Rangers do not wait on good weather. Rangers do not wait for bright sun shiny days. Oh, no. Rangers are trained to operate in the worst possible conditions, and takes those conditions and turns them against their enemies. You each have one rifle, one side arm, and one white phosphorous grenade. This is a live E&E, so please keep those weapons safetied, so you are not to shoot off your nonexistent dicks.
-Sgt Nathan West

Osbourne, you call me "sir" one more time I swear to God I'm gonna scream.
-Tom Hardy[/quote]

I don't remember if I have seen that movie or not...
What's it about?
Well it's not a war movie but more of a crime/suspense thriller that takes place in Panama 1999. It's preety complicated to explain, but Id definetly check it out. I came out last March in the US.
i thought it was a pretty good movie.. i liked the twist at the end.. it's funny though, John Travolta plays the same type of character in Broken Arrow.. well not exactly, but you know what i mean..
It was a pretty good movie, one of the better made that year in the suspense/thriller category. The plot twist was good The only problem was it has military affairs in it, and I spent the entire time saying "That's not right" .. "What the hell?" .. "That is so wrong." I finally just gave up and enjoyed the Hollywierd movie for what it was; a movie. I had the same problem with "Tears Of The Sun", but that really was a bad movie.
It's too late and I'm too tired to listen to some pissant Lieutenant's bad version of intrigue. You're trying too hard Levi, you know how I can tell? You're sweating, and you're sweating because you don't know how much Dunbar told us already.

-Tom Hardy
There a lot of familiar faces in BASIC - very good film. Travolta did another movie where he played an Army CID Warrent Officer - THE GENERALS DAUGHTER- also a good movie.
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