Baghdad police find 35 corpses

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Media: AFP
Date: 06 October 2006

BAGHDAD, Oct 6, 2006 (AFP) - Baghdad police collected 35 corpses over a
period of 24 hours, they said Friday, mostly in the Sunni western half of
the city, on an otherwise relatively peaceful day.

The bodies -- which were found bwteen 6.00 am (0300 GMT) Thursday and 6.00
am Friday -- bore the tell tale markings of Baghdad's grim sectarian war
with signs of torture and bullet wounds to the head.

Shadowy death squads roam Baghdad at night, hunting members of rival
sectarian groups. Mortar salvos between neighborhoods are also common.

Seven people were wounded in the northeast neighborhood of Qahira when
mortars fell on a house. While later in the day another mortar fell near
Shorja market close to the Tigris river.

Otherwise, there were no reports of the car bomb and booby-trap attacks
that are tearing the capital city apart.