Babylon 5


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Babylon 5 reminds me the good 'ol days, the first attempts to apply the earliest forms of CGI for a full television series apart from Star Trek. Heck, the Babylon 5 storyline is even more impressive than Star Wars.




There are five seasons and several movies for the entire Babylon 5 series that aired from 1993-1999.
I found a couple of full episodes for to enjoy for free from the earlier seasons here however if you wish to see the entire series, purchase the DVD set.
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I watched that show as a little kid, but unfortunately I've forgotten the plot completely. Is it worth picking up the DVDs? All I remember is that alien dude who had to stay in the room with a specially maintained atmosphere.
That Alien Dude remains in a encounter suit that hides his true identity and his quarters is located in the Red Sector, an area specialized in creating a specialized atmosphere only for aliens. His name is Ambassador Kosh representing the Vorlon Empire.

Basically the Babylon 5 main storyline focuses on politics, diplomacy, trade, and religious issues that might reflect the real world today. The massive space station is centered on the UN Model where representatives come from different alien races to talk about several issues. Unfortunately wars broke out and several unfortunate events happened on Babylon 5 resulting from corruption, collusion, and conspiracies. Once you watched the first season, you simply can't stop.

The dialogue is understandable and the acting is very good. This is not the type of SF series that is trapped by wooden acting, scientific techno-babble you often hear from Star Trek.

The DVD series has a total of 30 discs, 6 discs in each series and there are 22 episodes in each season. The usual price is about 250-300 USD. But if you can, you can rent it on netflix.
I'll try for a rental. I really hope this show is good, because right now the only good sci-fi show on television is Battlestar Galactica (IMHO).