Well have fun. Can I get operational control of the trivia scoring? :wink: Just kidding. See you in three days.
I'm actually going away the next three day myself..

Another C2IS course..
I'll be a C2IS guru soon with all these courses... :D
C2IS mean Command, Control and Information System.
It's a new computer and hardware system we are going to use in the Norwegian Army soon. It will be one of the worlds best systems.. :D

I may be able get online once a day during my lunch or dinner breaks...
So behave!! :m16:

im a bit tired,but im back...i did about 12 miles of walking in the negev...sounds like very little, but with gear and in mountness feet are killing was fun...!was in the IAF museum 2....took a pic of me next to a Mirage IIIcj that has 13 kills....
Awesome. Sounds a little like NCCOLS back in HS.

When I was 15, I got my picture taken next to an A-10. Put 3 fingers in one of the barrels. :D