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I will be away for a while, I realized since I got out of hand that I have to much to think of and much of my feelings about other things can get involved when discussing.

Wich is two different things.

But anyways, right now I have a hard time to say goodbye to my mother.

Wich in more finer words is meaning that she is leaving my life.

She is practically dying.

So I don't know when I will be back, but I will be back when I feel that I am better about things like this and can handle situations like this in a better way.

You all can reach me by my email:

If it's something important in some way..

But for now I have to be alone and lick my own wounds..

So take care you all for now.

And thank you Redneck for kicking me butt in some ways, You have really been a support in every way. :D

Everyone of you have been such amazing friends on this forum, even though we disagree. :wink:

Thank you all for a wonderful time. 8)

See ya soon..
yeah... i'm kinda with her...

i might be off for a while... but my uncle is dying too we think

i need a break from life... i swear... dying, and peoples deaths... its become a weekly thing it seems.... i'm relaly sick of it....

i gotta go to the hospital now... to see my uncle..

pray for him
You'll both be in my prayers, and I'll look forward to whenever you all decide to come back. Drop me a line if there's anything I can do.
Sorry to hear that SilverPhoenix and CrazyCadet142..

I hope everything works out fine.
And if it doesn't, I hope that you two will be ok.

Take care.

Feel free to drop by if you need some support!
ok... back for a few posts... i might just be on here all the time... cause it releives stress.. who knows...

anyways... my unc... had pneumonia way to many times in a row... can't breathe... is fine in every other category... can barely talk (he talked to me today tho!) and isn't expected to get any better. :cry: .. yeah so yeah.... thanks yall yall are the best.. :)
yeah.... hey i'm prayin for ya.... its one thing to hold onto if u need it....

i swear? whos it gonna be next week? my best friend... dear God, please be with us all.....
thanks thats all my family can ask for, and i'll keep each and everyone of yall in my prayers.. cause i don't think i could loose anyone else this month... jeez, when it rains it pours don't it
Well, Things happens.. So Hakuna Matata for my sake..

I am trying to get out of my little misery and do something better.

I have got small jobs to do now, even though I do it for free.

I like charity work and this is quite a charity. Though I am a good photograph and will take some photo of some houses for now.

Thank everyone..

And don't pray for me, pray for my wolf strength inside of me.. :wink:

I ain't called GhostWolf for nothing..

And for my SilverPheonix thing, well it stands for my new life..

GhostWolf was a quite not a positive nickname, I can assure you that.. :D

Thanks everyone, I love you all, Even though I can be hard to discuss with.

But that is just giving you a challenge, and even giving myself a challange.

Though, I won't join in at discussions like that unless it is some form of private dicussion, like the favourite food thing and such. :roll:
By the way Sherman, What do you think personally about the Art thing on the Swedish National Museum?

I think it was something about the honour murder or how you call it.

I am against it myself, That artist went way out of line.
I think

As a privat man, trashing that "art work" was the only right move. As an ambassador, he should have been more tactfull.
Re: I think

sherman105 said:
As a privat man, trashing that "art work" was the only right move. As an ambassador, he should have been more tactfull.

Agree with you there..
As an ambassador he represents Israel as a country..
You have to put away your personal feelings. (I know I have done that a lot of times, representing UN/NATO and Norway abroad...)
An official complaint would have been the right thing. (and maybe hire someone else in secret to thrash that "art"... :wink: )

The strangest thing was that the "art" was actually supposed to be against the terrorists..
(art is a very strange thing..... :? )
it was

Notn against the terorists. it "explained" the womens motive for suicide bombing. that "artist" used to be a member of an ultra-leftern kibbutz in israel-he is a communist for pits sake!
I work with art and I create alot of art, but that would never ever go trhough my mind.

Man, Why would I create a artwork that can insult another country.

Of course I joke around with some Swedish pals of mine about the fat and easy made food US makes.

But I would not offend US in any way in that matter.

That artist was quite un-inteeligent to use a better term.

And art in my thoughts isn't when you push facts and other insults in the face of other people.

art is when it's created by you by your inner emotion, that's how I see it.

Not that I can say anything about what is right or wrong.

But that is just pure logic of mine.