Ave militaribus!

1st Lt. Kirzillian

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I am Ben, Belgian, 44, 1st Lt. Belgian Paras, 2nd linie, Marche Les Dames.
Well, I was, until I had an accident in 1991.
Broke my back in a 30 meter fall during an abseil mishap.
Spinal injuries kept me in a wheelchair ever since.

I love music (about everything but Schlagers and Jazz) but I prefer Black/Death Metal, movies, computer, science, I have a very broad field of interests.

I hope that we can have some nice chats, ladies and gentlemen.

If you're into discussions, or you just like to go philosophical, I am likely your man. ;)
Feel free to contact me.

Welcome to the forum, I worked with the Belgian Military Police at Vogelsang in Germany on a British army exercise in 1992. ;)
Hello Ben and welcome.
No matter what you´ll always be a soldier for life.

Belgium is one of the few NATO countries I as a Danish soldier know little about. We have not trained with you or met you guys on exercises.
No, I am Dutch.
Know very little French.

I always figured the world should be entirely English, considering it is THE global industrial/technological language.
G'day mate....