Avatar Privileges


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It would be nice to have the ability to have larger Avatars at a price.

E.X. 10x10 pixel av privileges = 100MB

20x20p. =200mb

Etc etc....

Good idea, yes/no? Input appreciated.

And yes, there'd be a pixel limit after a certain point, but file size could keep going up.
My guess is that it doesn't work within the forum's framework, but Redleg will have to confirm/deny that. For one thing, the size of uploaded avatars can be troublesome if the pictures are pretty big. Most forums that are laid out similar to this one seem to manage to do avatar LINKS though (so you go get your own webspace, put up an avatar and link it to this site).
The avatars are limited to 100x100 pixels and 10kb now.

The reason for this is that I want the forum to load at an ok speed for dial-up users, and I think that Avatars larger than 100x100 adds too much "clutter" in the threads....

You can also link to avatar images on your own server(s).