Authorzation to wear AA badge


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I have a former marine who OJT in the late 80's to get MOS 0481. This OJT was at Camp Lejuene, is he authorized to wear the AA badge? Point me in the right direction. Thank you
I really didn't find anything specific to that MOS but you might. Here's where I looked.

There's a good reference at
Here, in Chapter 5 I found this.


1. Marines may wear those awards described in the Navy and Marine Corps Awards Manual (SECNAVINST 1650.1), but only when authorized by competent authority.

The above mentioned SECNAVINST 1650.1 can be found at

I found no specific reference in the USMC Uniform Regulations at$FILE/MCO%20P1020.34G_2.pdf

I wish I could be of more help.
I also found a reference from Camp Lejuene indicating that the Red Patch is a worn for graduation.

Another web site seems to indicate that the patch is traditionally worn only by members of the Landing Support Battalion.
ONLY MARINES ALLOWED........................................

The red patch I wore as a member of Landing Support Battalion has a purpose and is a part of Marine Corps history. During the Second World War, Marines of the Pioneer Battalion stated the need of a distinct marking or uniform to distinguish the support personnel working on the beach from the combat troops who were landing on the beach and moving inland to assault. Many changes and advancements were made after World War II in the Marine Corps. The Pioneer Battalion became the Shore Party Battalion and during the Korean War, shore party personnel working on the beaches wore a 1" x 1" red patch on their cover, a 1" x 3" red patch on each leg, and a 1" x 1" red patch in the middle of the back of their jackets. Shortly after the Korean War, the red patch for the jacket was deleted but the distinction of being a shore party Marine and the wearing of the red patch became part of the history, tradition, and pride of this Battalion. There has been many changes in unit structure and title since the days of the Pioneer Battalion, but the Marines of the Landing Support Battalion have maintained the distinction of being the only Marines allowed to wear their distinctive marking of the red patch. As a Marine, I took pride in wearing my Marine Corps uniform and the red patch because the uniform bears our glorious history, and the red patch distinguished me anywhere as not only being a Marine, but as a member of the Landing Support Battalion.

I just read your profile and saw that you are Army Reserve. I can tell you this much, one thing I'm certain of, is that if this person was a member of my company, he'd be wearing only Army issued items on his Army uniform. The Marine Corps does not allow awards issues by other services to be worn on their uniform (such as NCO professional development ribbons) so this person should understand the policy well. If you'd like, I can try to get the exact Army regulation reference.