Australia's take on this years Tour de France

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Landis top, but does anyone care at home?

If there's anything your average fat guy snoozing on his sofa in the States hates more than being awakened for soccer, it's cycling. But I respectfully ask all those folks who regard the Tour de France about as seriously as celebrity poker: If Tiger Woods can be toasted for walking around Scotland without even carrying his own golf clubs, then shouldn't we all be pretty darn impressed when Landis hauls a painfully arthritic hip all the way across France and back on a bike?...I only wish the applause for Landis was loud enough at home for the French to hear it across the Atlantic Ocean. His story is ripe for Hollywood. It has been far too long since the last great American bicycle movie. Can't we do better than Pee-wee's Big Adventure?

You go Australia!!!
Damn straight. Im extremely proud of Landis. Before Lance Armstrong dropped out of the Tour, I told my uncle, an avid biker, to get a yellow "LIVESTRONG" band tatooed on his wrist. He almost did too. His wife wouldnt let him...Just a story about my pride in the team.
not that landis' accompishment isnt great, but the man who won before him survived cancer. and won 7 times in a row. but they are right. most americans dont care about cycling, including me.
Yea yea yea, we know. Thats what tends to undermine Landis' accomplishment. the fact is, it doesnt make his winning any less tough...He had to fight the competition.

We dont care about cycling. But the fact remains, we kick ASS at it! hahaha
Speaking Of Doping, Landis just failed his doping test today, he stands to lose his Tour de France win should he fail a 2nd test.