Australians and S. Koreans

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Nick E

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One of my friends (Much Older than me) fought in the Korean War. He was in the Army and he was a Lieutenant. He told me that he met someone important
(didn't tell me who) and the guy told him
'If you are going to fight a war, Don't Ally with an American, They Disappear when the fighting starts,Don't bring the British, they get massacered, and Don't bring the canadians, they get forgotten.
The Two best are Australians and South Koreans. The only difference is that the South Koreans speak Better English, Mate!
The above maybe true because as the world knows we speak Australian not english ;)

No one should be offended as we are proud of the way we speak.
Just in case anyone is offended by the joke(I don't know how...)
Ill just tell you that im half Australian, Half Canadian
No No No, you are an Australian with a bad accent. But truth be known I have proberly got some English in me which is fine but they still cant play cricket. But they can play Rugby.

Now I am going back into my bunker preparing for all the incoming Arty.

When you say the British get massacred, i take it you mean the 1st World War. Britain actually done quite well considering the circumstances (i won't bore you with the details). But if you want a country that seems to love getting massacred, try the Russians.
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