ATHENS 2004 Olympic Games - Opening Ceremony


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I've just seen the opening ceremony for the Olympic games in Athens..
(it's not completely done yet, but I don't bother to see all of the nations walking by..)

I personally think it was a bit boring.... :?
The effects were impressive, but it was a bit impersonal and cold, and it was too little focus on the magnificent Greek history and culture.
The parts that were about it were too "digital" and it looked like they had focused too much on the special effects and forgot about the content..

So I give it a 5 (on a scale from 1 to 10...) :)

What do you think about the ceremony??
Doesnt start over here until 8 pm EST because of a tape deley. Ill be at the county fair, I always find those ceramonies boring 8)
I loved it and I don't think it was too wrong on focusing just on the Greeks because the Olympics are "home" now in Greece. I love the parade of the history starting with the Greeks, they even included other nationalities.

Katie Couric and Bob Costas were providing the voice overs, lol, and they got a bit annoying after awhile. Driving at the usual points - over and over and over again.

But I just adore the cheers that Afghanistan, Iraq and the US got. Plus the Iran team, not really looking happy were they? Also I found it interesting how most Arab nations present had women represented on their teams, a major first, except Saudi Arabia. 21 males.

Don't get me wrong but ... were all the women locked up back home or something? Of course I'm sure the Western world sees this as offensive to women but most of them are quite alright with it.

But I adored it. The song of the opening ceremonies though, I didn't get it but then again Bjork is not my favorite singer.
The whole body falling apart over the water was wierd. The DNA was pretty cool. I was looking for the little pink arrow to piont to the fruitcake gene :D but it never showed. All the gods and es were a brief histroy lesson and the parade of nations was colorful. That's all I got to say about that.
... the guy with the cube up his ass was funny too.
As a fan of electronic music. I was watching mostly for Tiesto's preformance during the opening. However, I thought it sucked.
GuyontheRight said:
The whole deal with the two Koreas walking together really bothered me.

I agree with you. What exactly are they getting at.

I didn't really like what our athletes were wearing either :?
They (The Korean People) arn't getting at anything, but they sure as hell are fogetting alot. This younger generation has no respects for the sacrifices are grandfathers made.
Just remember that the Korean government had probably talked this out before hand, also the Olympic teams have probably talked it out and brought it to the Olympic Council. So I don't think it's the young people themselves.
My personal opinion is that there was too much focus on making the ceremony as high tech and technical impressive as possible, so they had forgot about the content..

The effects were cool/good, but the content was boring...

And I agree with you Sunset, what's up with that new torch???