At What Age


At what age should our kids grow up and get real ? , Recently an 18 year old College student went missing she is just one of the many young women that have disappeared and their bodies are found in the woods , dumpsters , garbage bags or never found what is the solution to this I'm not sure but being taught awareness wouldn't hurt , Young Men from an early age should be encouraged to be a man about it , far too many mamas boys , this is a fathers fault the problem in part with this is the father needs to grow up , I can go on with this but won't , let others express their views on this .:read:
Children-Teenagers need to know who the boss is and they don’t like it. I think many parents placate kids, doesn’t work. Grounding, taking away privileges and carrying thru is what it takes. If by late teens rules and morals haven’t set in, then they will (hopefully) likely have to learn for themselves. I was astray for a spell, after issues with the police, drugs, gangs I decided I wanted I real life. Other ended up dead, addicted, in jail…This was one of reasons I joined the service.
Young people at certain age tend to fall by the wayside but with the proper up bringing usually recover and move on , others never recover and become a burden on the taxpayers .