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Ok, when I was young, about 3, was diagnosed with asthma, and I was on medication for a little while, and since I was ten I have been cleared from it, so says my doc, can I still join the service?
It really depends on whether or not you could still suffer from it. If you run at all I would imagine you would be able to tell if you still suffer. When I say run I mean you need to run like 3 miles or so, and do it when it is like fairly warm out to simulate harsh conditions you encounter at most places they hold boot camp...
Talk to a recruiter. If you do have to inform MEPS, then you will most likely have to bring in medical records, statement from your Dr. clearing you, etc. You may or may not have to get a waiver, it really depends on your case and situation and a recruiter would be able to find out the absolutes for you.
Ok, but if I tell my recruiter and I'm not cleared, then they might not let me in, even though I can clear the physical.
lil Lt said:
Ok, but if I tell my recruiter and I'm not cleared, then they might not let me in, even though I can clear the physical.

That is true. However, if you can prove you no longer have asthma, even if they deny you, there is still the possibility of a waiver.

If you do not tell them, get into the service, fall out on a run and they determine you have asthma - find out about your past history with it, they will not be very happy, and neither will you.

Talk to a recruiter, you can even visit one for another branch or in a different city if you're worried. See what he has to say. If nothing else, it will give you some direction on what type of documentation you may or may not need.
They could do several things including the worst, boot you out with a other then honorable discharge. You would be lucky to get a job flipping burgers with that on your records....
782.matt said:
Rnder, what exactly would happen if they caught you? (If you didn't tell them you had asthma)

Fraudulent enlistment is something the services take very seriously, if you know you have a medical problem and lie to them - they will not be kind to you.

Sooners, he/she would not receive a failure to adapt, even if they did not find out about his/her pervious history with asthma, it would still be a medical discharge.
I just talked with a local Navy recruiter (tho I plan on going into the usaf). He said that wouldn't be a problem, since I haven't had an attack in ages, and I can run and without getting all wheezy, he said if you can run about 2 miles without having a fit consistantly then as far as the armed services are concerned I don't have it.
I would be an adult and make my own desceision!!! remember honor,duty,country?if you can tell them that you DO NOT HAVE ASTHMA with a clear conscious,then I would'nt worry about it.but your word should be your bond.btw,asthma kills people especially those that are far away from make a desceision