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hey i got 25,390:

wen will the score work RedLeg?
Why is this not the correct forum? If he wants to post his score, then this is the correct forum.
Nice score.. :D

I hope to have a highscore version up and running this weekend.

Asteroids is a great game..
Anyone who remembers the Atari here?? :D
even though im only 14 i know what it is...well herd of it but havent played dad was telling me about wen he had some atari system then he had modified some stuff and made his own memory cards for it.....he told me he sold it in like 1983 for like $1,000 with all the stuff.....but ive herd of it but not played it...
Heck I'd never even had a TV before my third year of college. So this is actually the first time I've ever played Asteroids. I was so deprived as a child. :lol: