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I don't know if I will catch any of your guys interst in this matter, but oh well. :wink:

As most of you guys know I think, I draw and make some artwork of my own.

I have know realized that I think I am good enough to sell my artwork and be able to do requests.

Depending on the artwork and the inspirtation I have when you request you will notice I can do some artwork for free.

Everything depends on how I feel about the art and how hard it is to do it.

Justbecause I can, :p , I will now make a gift for the MilForum and for all the people in here. Just because I love everyone who has joined, who has created it and have made this a second home for me.

I haven't started on the art yet, But if anyone have suggestions of what should be in the drawing/painting to MilForum it will be more then welcome if you would share it.

Those who asks me to make a drawing for them or for anyone else I will assure you that I will send you the ORIGINAL.

Right now I have reached a passion for making artowork for people just because I love to give away something that people will like.

So if you have a idea that you want, at least give me the idea and I will problaby do it just for free.

I have a passion, and it's making artwork by pen and paper.

I do not know if this will interest people here at MilForum.

But I thought just to give you the information that I qill gladly help you guys out.

And don't you all in the MilForum want to show Redleg how much we love MilForum.

So please, Drop by some ideas of what I should include in the drawing to MilForum. :D

i need some logo desings made..
my unit is need of a new logo what can you do?

something that has a pheonix wings on either side and with at least a 12...
its a marine unit.. so something simple nothing too fancy.
Hmmm, I can do it.. If you explain it more closer. Private Message me about it.

Do you need it for a webpage or for a RL thing?
Everything for you Redleg, Everything for you. ;)

and ALMOST everything for you, Redneck. :p
Well, Redleg lives in Norway, We are more like neighbours then you and I will ever be Redneck.

Besides, It's fun to see how the fox can cheat the hunter.

And it's always fun to pick on someone that is bigger then me. :twisted: