Artillerymen Magazine from Fort Sill - Where Else?


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Attention Redlegs and Redleg wannabes, check this out. Ithink you'll like it.

Field Artillery is a bimonthly magazine published by the US Army Field Artillery, Fort Sill, Oklahoma, for Army and Marine Field Artillerymen stationed around the world. As stated in the Field Artillery Journal, first published in 1911, the purpose of the magazine is “to disseminate professional knowledge and furnishing information as to the artillery’s progress, development and best use in campaign; to cultivate with
the other arms a common understanding of the power and limitations of each; to foster a feeling of interdependence among the different arms and of hearty cooperation by all; and to promote understanding between the regular and militia forces by forging a close bond—all of which objects are worthy and contribute to the good of our country.”
I hope you liked it. I think there are 23 back issues available for downloading. Let your fellow Redlegs know about it.