Artillery Mechanic here


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Just wanted to say hello.
Name is Mike, spent three years in the service all with HHS 2-18FA 212Brigade, would have stayed longer if I hadn't torn my knees and back up so badly. Loved every minute of it.
Been out 8 years now, worked driving over the road, towing semi's and most recently construction. I rolled a cement mixer a year ago trying not to kill a kid that ran a light in front of me. Since then I've been confined to the house trying to recover from a shattered leg and broken neck.
I've got 4 kids a wife of 9 years and will hopefully finish up my degree in Networking Managment this next year.

Just found the site this evening, but I'm sure I will find it informative and a great place to talk to others with a similar mindset.
Hey, welcome, my husband is a mechanic in the canadian Army, and i'm in the Artilley, we always joke that i break the guns and he fixes them :) get well soon.